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Anyone in the world can order from Amazon India and deliver direct to the school.
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Amazon India from any place in the world
It is possible to use Amazon India to purchase items from anywhere in the world,
and have them delivered to the school using your local currency and bank account.
This avoids international shipping costs and bank transfer fees and problems. 
We have tested it from the USA using computer equipment delivered to Dehradun.
The first time there is a learning curve but then it is easy.
1) To add an item to your shopping cart, you must show a local India delivery Pincode/Postal/Zipcode 248009 (not your home country address)
2) Try to select items fulfilled by Amazon (not local small vendors)
3) Shipping address
Secretary Migmar - (Full Name)

9411101180 - (Mobile number)

248011 - (Pincode/Postal/Zip)

PO Selaqui - TCV School Selakui - (Flat, House no)

Chakrata Road near Tulas institute - (Area, Colony, Street)

Tulas institute - (Landmark)

Selaqui - (Town/City)

Uttarakhand - (State)

Remember: You must first change location in order to "ADD To Cart"